Movie A Dream

The first time the Lumiere brothers, said to be the fathers of film, had a screening, it was a scene of a train arriving at it's final destination. Moviegoers were said to have started running away, the image was so realistic to them.

At that time, the composite projector cinematography that they developed was just one of many new technologies. Who could have imagined that the world of rich film art would be born from there?

Georges Méliès shot an image of a humorous trip to the moon and brought narrative into the world of video.

Luis Bunuel pioneered surrealistic expression, quite sensational at the time, and which attracted people with images full of eroticism and beautiful aesthetics.

Sergei Eisenstein pioneered montage theory and built a kind of video grammar to express human emotions.

At some point during all of these momentous events, film became art. The Cannes and the Oscars have now become some of the influential art prizes in the world.

As of 2019, 8K, VR, and lasers are almost only spoken of in the context of technology. But eventually there will be artists who use these techniques much earlier than we could ever imagine, and who will spin tales of a splendid world that no one else could conceive of.

Those creators will be the Méliès, the Bunuel, and the Eisenstein of the 21st century.

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