MADD. Provides a place to challenge new video expression with the concept of Movie for Art, Design and Data (MADD.).

Through the implementation of the MADD. Award and the events that accompany it, we aim to foster a living ecosystem of filmmakers, designers, artists, and engineers.

MADD. Award 2021 Theme

This year's theme is The Universe Within.

The vast Milky Way galaxy spreads around the earth, but it is known that our body is also a delicate inner universe in which a huge number of components are interrelated.

The inner universe is not limited to the human body. The spiritual world, the ultra-fine world, the mind of a theoretical physicist, the land of children's rich imagination. How wonderful it would be if we could creatively expand the concept of the universe and dive into it.

MADD. Award 2021 is looking for new expressions to feel the inner universe.